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Solvnex: Redefining Project Excellence. Unleash your projects' full potential with our dynamic talent marketplace—a hub for seamless collaboration between skilled individuals and visionary corporations. Elevate your projects, redefine productivity.

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Solvnex Matching Platform

Talent Matching Platform

Unlock the Power of Talent: This platform is a dynamic talent marketplace, bringing together skilled individuals and forward-thinking corporations for task-based collaboration.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Efficiency in Every Project: With Solvnex, we handle project management. Our experienced talent developers will ensure your projects thrive, unlocking higher productivity levels.

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Simplified Process

  • Allows you to customize your job postings to your specific governance compliance requirements
  • Ensure you only receive proposals from freelancers who meet your criteria.

All In One Platform

  • Integrated collaboration tools, such as project management, time tracking, and communication tools.
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration between freelancers and your business.

Matching System

  • We analyze job postings and freelancer profiles.
  • We automate suggest matches based on skills, experience, and other relevant factors.

Connecting companies with the right expertise.

Our proprietary matching system helps to connect talent with companies in less than 24 hours!

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The Rise of Gig Professionals: Redefining the Workforce of the Future

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August 5, 2023

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The Rise of Gig Professionals: Redefining the Workforce of the Future

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What people say about Solvnex

This platform streamlined hiring process for gig, saving us time and money, with responsive support and a user-friendly dashboard that simplifying documentation works.


Business Team

Using Solvnex helps me to get extra income by working from home. Easy to upload documents in the platform and chat with Project Owner.

Hj. Jamaludin

Gig Professional

Friendly support and interesting platform of making side income.

Amran Sharif

Gig Professional

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Solvnex values are providing quality gig professionals with faster matching time, and a transparent process for businesses and corporate by adopting the rising gig workforce as a new normal which is a cost-saving method to scale the organizations.

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